Whether you’re on iOS or Android, Google keeps track of where you’ve been, but did you know that as well as keeping records of your movements,  it can record conversations around your phone.

This information can be useful for you if you need to track your travelling and chats but can be invasive if you’re not fully aware of what is stored about you. Google says it only turns on and begins recording when you say the words “OK Google”.  Find a record of your history and phone activity here history.google.com/history

Use the settings controls to decide what you want to keep a record of.  Head on over to your Timeline page (location history) and check out what’s there as well.   You’ll see a map of everywhere you’ve been grouped by date.   If it’s not turned on, you can turn it on or if it has data you’d rather wasn’t stored you can delete the information and pause the collection of data.