M other’s Day is coming up!!     It’s often hard to think of gifts for mum –  Why not take your mum out for her special day to a cafe for coffee and cake, or a restaurant for lunch – Tin Timbers Cafe at Branxholm is having a special Mother’s Day Lunch – You could buy her something personalised with her name or photos of her kids, on a mug, or calendar.   

Why not a voucher for the hairdresser, a cut and colour and blowdry, or take her for a wine tasting (and drive her home lol). 

If she enjoys art and craft there’s a lovely little gallery in Scottsdale and St. Helens.  Treat her to a picnic somewhere with beautiful mountain views, lord knows there’s an endless supply of those in Tassy, or along the stunning east coast from St. Helens through to Triabunna.  Perhaps some time out to relax with a manicure, pedicure or facial.  If she has a hobby gift her with a small brochure website (I can help you there!).  whatever you decide to do, have a wonderful day with your Mums!

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