What your phone knows about you

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, Google keeps track of where you’ve been, but did you know that as well as keeping records of your movements, it can record conversations around your phone.

This information can be useful for you if you need to track your travelling and chats but can be invasive if you’re not fully aware of what is stored about you. Google says it only …

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Using WordPress?

Wordpress Users pay attention. The new Gutenberg Editor is very nearly here. There’s a high probability it will cause conflicts with your theme, plugins and other tech you are running on your website.

If you’re not quite ready for it, install the classic editor on your site until you’ve had a chance to explore and play with Gutenberg. It’s the option I’m taking until I see what it does out there in the wild …

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Managing your data

We all know there is a lot of data collecting going on these days and as they say, “If you’re not paying, you’re the product.”

With Google’s extensive sharing services – Google Drive, Photos & Google Plus – it can be difficult to know where your photos are. If you’ve taken them on your phone, you own a google account, and they are on Google photos you might just want to turn off the sync settings on your phone.

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Need customers?

You’ve worked hard to build your business, so how do you find customers and keep them coming back?

An effective landing page is a good place to start, find out all the elements you need to make yours guaranteed to convert .

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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up!! Wondering what to get her and make her day special?

Here’s some ideas guaranteed to put a smile on mums face …

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The Best Backend Builder for Client Use

You need a website and the platform I use makes it easy to keep your website humming along after I’ve finished. You don’t need to know any fussy code like html, css or jquery.

It’s a content management system that I can teach you easily or I can manage it for you after it’s done.

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Tin Timbers Cafe & Art Gallery

I’m currently building a new site for the Tin Timbers Cafe & Art Gallery in Branxholm. It’s always exciting to do a website for new business.

I prefer them over a rebuild or revamp. They get to see their brand for the first time. The owners are lovely people,…

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Where Do I Start?

Need a website but don’t know where to start? Shoot me an email with your ideas and what you want, or give me a quick call.

I can send you a questionnaire to help you identify your business goals or we can meet for coffee and go from there. You’re under no obligation to complete and we’ll discuss the budget so you know where you stand.

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My clients

My clients? My clients are important to me.  I value the trust you've placed in me to help you grow your business.  I want you to love your website, see the value it adds to your business, your brand and your reach on the web.  I offer a great experience, one on one...

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Your Website

My content management system of choice is Wordpress.  It's used extensively on the web and it's an award-winning robust web software, used by millions of webmasters worldwide for building their website or blog. I'm proud to host your site with Siteground, it will be...

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